Forgeries of reflex sights of the NOBLEX sight generation are currently being offered through unauthorized suppliers and sales channels.

These providers are trying to build on the success of the NOBLEX sight by imitating their appearance and thus placing a fake on the market.

This counterfeit is deliberately offered using the NOBLEX brand. The buyers are thus deceived, in particular about the commercial origin.

NOBLEX E-Optics GmbH, as the original manufacturer of the NOBLEX sight reflex sights, makes it clear that these counterfeits on the market are manufactured and sold without our consent, without our approval and not on the basis of our production documentation and not in accordance with our quality standards.

Since NOBLEX E-Optics GmbH neither licensed the patents nor other industrial property rights, nor provided device-specific know-how, it can be assumed that the performance and shooting resistance are significantly reduced compared to the original NOBLEX sight.

NOBLEX E-Optics GmbH does not assume any guarantee for the imitated products. Repairs and services are not provided.

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